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Hi Everyone! I am writing this journal to tell all of you to beware of this art thief.

Art thief: sukibelle (

Sukibelle has basically stolen/ripped off my OC's design to make her own character.
My heartbby OC: Hinata
Sukibelle's stolen/ripped off character that she made: Delight
***Delight was designed by sukibelle. Wolphfe did not design Delight at all. And Delight was not a MYO.

For easier reading, all conversations reads from top to bottom, top for the earliest notes.

On June 24,2014, I won my heartbby bunny OC which I named Hinata in wolphfe's auction for $401. (Yes, I was crazy because I really wanted this heartbby a lot) 
Hinata heartbby 6-24-14 by moondust70

On the last day of the auction, I received notes from sukibelle asking me if I can trade this heartbby bunny if I won him. But I refused her offers because I want to finally be able to get a heartbby on my own without having to trade with others for one. Notice that sukibelle said that she "desperately desperately want him."

 Sukibelle Convo by moondust70

So I won the auction, and was very happy with my new OC, Hinata and was getting many commissions of him done.

Incident #1:

But then, about 1 month later, on July 22, 2014, I see this deviation posted in sukibelle's gallery:
Sukibelle Delight Reference 1b by moondust70

She said that Delight was "inspired" by my Hinata...

Needless to say, I was rather upset at seeing "Delight." Yes, I am EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE with this character. 

Now, I understand that characters can have the same color palette. I have seen many characters/adopts with the same color palette. BUT they all LOOKED DIFFERENT
HOWEVER, the issue here is, why is her character SO SIMILAR to mine in terms of all color placement and even the clothes
Seriously, it looks like my heartbby bunny turned into a cat. 

Basically, she took everything that I thought was unique with my heartbby and used it exactly on her character. She basically copied my heartbby and just made a few edits and changed the animal speicies from a bunny to a cat. So now what is so special about my heartbby bunny? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. 

I really wanted to comment on her deviation, but apparently sukibelle had blocked me immediatelySukibelle knows very well that she copied my heartbby and that's why she blocked me so that I would not be able to comment or show proof that she copied my character. 

So since I couldn't communicate with her I decided to contact wolphfe who is the creator of the adorable closed species, heartbbys.

Wolphfe 1st Convo 7-22-14 by moondust70

So here's the result of my first conversation with wolphfe. Wolphfe told me that sukibelle will not be using Delight anymore. And I was happy that we could resolve this issue peacefully. 
Wolphfe 1st Convo-  Result by moondust70

Incident #2:

But guess what? About 7 months later, on February 25, 2015, I see this sukibelle's commission in Rineri's gallery of Delight. Except that this time it is worse because now sukibelle has made Delight into a heartbby.

Wolphfe 2nd Convo 2-25-15 by moondust70

Here's a side by side comparison. Can you see how sukibelle practically copied my Hinata? I don't call this "inspiration." This is considered to be extremely heavily referencing. And it is also a violation of wolphfe's adopt rules: "please do not reupload, steal, claim as your own, heavily reference, trace without my consent."
Comparison3 by moondust70

After a long discussion, again, wolphfe told sukibelle not to use Delight anymore.

Wolphfe 2nd Convo Result 3-3-15 by moondust70

Incident #3:

Ok, so I finally thought this would be over. I gave sukibelle 2 chances already to stop using Delight and even the creator, wolphfe himself told sukibelle twice not to use Delight.
But nope, just a few days ago, on March 12, 2015, I see that sukibelle has now commissioned Krawark to draw Delight.
Wolphfe 3rd Convo 3-12-15 by moondust70
Art by Krawark by moondust70(<---bottom right hand corner) Art by Krawark

I checked with Renos/Krawark to see when sukibelle had commissioned her. And I found out that sukibelle commissioned her in early March which is after she was told the 2nd time not to use Delight. 

Wolphfe 3rd Convo- 3-13-15 by moondust70

OK, so this is the 3rd time I'm seeing Delight when Delight has already been banned from use by the creator (twice already). There is just no excuse now. Sukibelle had the chance to change her commission any time she wanted to. But no, she still insists on using Delight and continues to commission artists to draw him. 

I believe that wolphfe and I have already been too nice about this whole situation and have already given sukibelle enough chances. But from the look of things, she will not stop.

Apparently, sukibelle has a record of stealing other people's characters.
For example, she copied Steamed-Bun's fluffen mascot to make her own character.…
Comparison- Steamed-Bun mascot by moondust70

I do not understand her at all. Why does sukibelle have the need to steal other people's characters when she has so many great characters already?

No one should have their characters they paid for stolen.

I am writing this journal to show proof that sukibelle is a character thief that artists should be aware of. Please spread the word! 

If sukibelle commissions any of you to draw Delight, please do not draw him. Delight has been banned from use by wolphfe.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this! 

P.S.- If anyone has any suggestions on how to stop sukibelle please feel free to let me know. 

And please do not harass any of the artists who did the commissions. They were all unaware of the whole situation.


So I just received this message from wolphfe:

Wolphfe 3rd Convo 3-15-15 by moondust70

Revamped1 by moondust70

What do you guys think? What are your opinions?
Wolphfe just went ahead and rearranged the colors. Even after all this, and based on wolphfe's note, sukibelle still gets to use "Delight."  (¬_¬)

Do you guys think this is fair?


Update: 3/17/2015

So wolphfe has decided to ban sukibelle. 
Wolphfe 4th Convo Ban 3-15-15 by moondust70
Sukibelle Banned Notice by moondust70

Of course, both wolphfe and I still question whether or not sukibelle will keep her word this time about not using Delight because of her record and also because we don't have control over what she will do...

And, it looks like sukibelle has posted in her profile that she will no longer use Delight.
Sukibelle profile message by moondust70

Although, she still denies that she copied my Hinata, LOL. What she did is not "inspiration." 
So she admits that cat version Delight looks too similar to Hinata, but she does not think the heartbby version Delight looks similar, LOL. (Not referring to the color revamp version where wolphfe only recolored sukibelle's design. Wolphfe did not design nor did he redesign Delight.) ^^;  
Really? From what I can see in the side by side comparison, there's barely any difference between the cat version and the heartbby version Delight... 
Honestly, I don't think she learned anything from this at all...

So I don't know if sukibelle is getting any threats since she's been hiding all the comments, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. Now I know everyone has different opinions on this matter and I know you all mean well, but please do not send threats to sukibelle or to anyone else mentioned in the journal. Threats are unnecessary. Please don't stoop to that level. 

And also please do not harass wolphfe 
He has tried many times to stop sukibelle. And he has already apologized to me about making Delight into a heartbby (actually, he's apologized to me many times already). And I understand that wolphfe was in a rather difficult position, but I can see that he did try to put effort into fixing the problem to devise a compromise between the 3 of us. The point is, wolphfe is not responsible for sukibelle's actions.

And he's very nice to offer to give me a complete refund on the amount I paid for Hinata and also for the amount I spent on the commissions of Hinata. He's not obligated to do something like this so I appreciate this action from him very much. It just shows that he's really sincere about his apology. Sigh...he really is too nice. LOL, well I won't deny that compensation for all this trouble sounds good, but wolphfe did went through the same trouble and stress as I did. Although, I wouldn't mind if he decided to just draw a few of my OCs instead for compensation because I really do like his art. >w<

Anyways, I will still be keeping and using Hinata because I have spent too much time and money on him already and I really do still love his design.

So it looks like the issue has been resolved (hopefully for good this time).

But I will still keep this journal up so that artists in the dA community are aware of sukibelle's many indiscretions. 

Thank you everyone for all your input, for all the support, and for all the signal boosts! Please continue to spread awareness!


And thanks to all the sweeties who've tried in their own special way to cheer me up and to show their support. I will cherish everything. Thank you for making me feel better. BIG HUGS to you all!

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